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Welcome to the website of Elvenkind B.V.


One of our main activities is creating intra- and internet applications. This often involves complex interactions between search engines and database connections. For this, we also offer the option to host your site.

More generally, Elvenkind can assist you with all stages in storage, management and access of information, such as data analysis and reporting, and conversions, especially to and from XML.

We can also assist you with preparing publications for print, such as database publishing, manuals or scientific texts. We advise you in setting up your publication, in the preparation of graphics and in getting it press-ready.

Open standards

We aim for durable, practical, platform- and media-neutral solutions. XML is the format of choice for this, and we closely watch developments with regard to XML and related technologies.

Our clients run our software on Solaris-, Linux- and MS Windows systems. With us, platform independence is more than just theory.

We mostly use free software, both because of cost and because we want to avoid dependence on large software makers.


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